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PWL supports pro bono Strategic Litigation Programme of Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights by handling strategically-important civil proceedings.

Within the Strategic Litigation Programme, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights engages into or commences strategically-important administrative and court proceedings.  The Programme seeks to attain breakthrough judgments that alter existing legal practice or regulations in relation to specific legal issues that are of particular concern from the standpoint of the protection of human rights, both between an individual and the state, and between individuals and private entities.


PWL supports pro bono Fundacja Piekniejsze Życie (registration No. 0000396125). Our support concentrates on legal assistance with regard to contracts concluded by the Foundation and with regard to the Foundation’s events and undertakings.

The “Piekniejsze Życie” program helps women who undergo oncological treatment. The program was invented in the US in 1989 and now operates in 24 countries. It entered Poland in the fall of 2006.

The program is based on voluntary services. A qualified group of volunteers organizes workshops in oncological hospitals where make-up professionals and beauticians present women with multi-stage programs for skin care and make-up, allowing to hide the visible side effects of treatment. All pursuant to the saying: “A human is the best cure for a human.”