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Pilch Wąsik Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp.p. covers all areas of commercial and tax law.  We are experts in following areas:

  • real property transactions and all other issues related to real properties, including spatial planning, construction process, divisions of real properties and disputes relating to real properties,
  • company law, and in particular compliance issues,
  • legal and tax due diligences of real properties and companies,
  • intellectual property issues, and in particular commercialization of inventions and other intellectual property rights,
  • labor law and labor disputes,
  • tax law, and in particular tax planning, tax optimization, VAT, income taxes, transfer pricing,
  • proceedings before common courts, arbitration courts and administrative bodies.

Pilch Wąsik Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp.p. also works together with a number excellent experts in other areas of law.  Should you be interested in an area of law other than these mentioned above, please contact us at: